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COMP PLAN 2045 Project Timeline and Status

Project Timeline

Current Status

The Town is currently in the first phase of the Comp Plan update.

Phase 1: Initial Outreach and Scoping Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

During Phase 1, the Committee, staff, and a consultant will begin to review the visions, goals and policies in existing plans, compile available data and statistics, and organize the information. The public and stakeholders will be introduced to the planning process and scoping will begin. Scoping supports the project’s overall planning, public involvement, and local environmental approach. It provides an opportunity for the community to learn about and provide comments on the project as it begins, including the draft purpose and need, potential alternatives, and environmental resources to evaluate in an environmental impact statement.

The CPSC has adopted Rules and Procedures for its meetings, is assessing the 2009 Comp Plan, has developed a Draft Public Involvement Plan, and has drafted a Request for Qualifications for a consultant to assist in the process.

Phase 2: Draft Growth Alternatives Q1 - Q2 2024
Phase 2 of the periodic update project is a process where alternatives are drafted using public comments during the scoping, policy guidance, criteria, and required plan changes to establish potential growth scenarios for an environmental impact study.

Phase 3: Refine Alternatives & Draft Enviromental Imapcts Q2 - Q3 2024
Phase 3 includes issuing a draft of the growth alternatives and draft environmental impact analysis, as well as seeking public input. 

Phase 4: Draft Plan & EIS Q3 - Q4 2024
In phase 4, the CPSC, staff, and consultant draft the plan update with preferred growth alternatives and the environmental impact statement.

Phase 5: Adoption Process Q4 2024 - Q1 2025
Phase 5 begins the adoption process for the CPSC and Town Board to adopt the final draft of the comprehensive plan update.